Products and Services

Writing scripts

We write scripts for you to capture the information or communication you intend to give. This also includes copy for adverts.



We key in your text from handwritten copy or where necessary from dictation or voice-recorded




We place text and images on pre-designed pages and help fit them onto the available space,

making each page a marvel to look at.



We design your book to make it attractive, fun and easy to read.


Moderation of written drafts, through reviews and / or workshops

We temper your written drafts by toning them down or up through reviews and/or workshops.



Research into products, service and markets

We organize and where necessary execute research expeditions to help you enrich your products,

improve your service and gain fresh or deeper insights into markets.



Editing – substantive and copy

We make your scripts ready for publishing or printing by checking them for accuracy of language

and facts, and adding or deleting texts and images where necessary so as to make your communication more sensible and cost-effective.



We provide all the artwork or drawn images you reasonably need to aid your communication and help break the monotony of text. These include computer-generated pictures, paintbrush full-colour or grey-scale pictures, and line drawings.



We provide you with accurate and adequate photographs (taken only for you or legally sourced

from libraries) to accompany or replace your text as appropriately as possible.



We read through your edited and laid-out copy to ensure accuracy and consistency of words,

phrases and sentence patterns. This largely involves confirming the choice of vocabulary and correcting your spelling and punctuation.


Quality control

We check your camera-ready copy to ensure that the right text or images appear on the right

pages, that there are no smudges on such pages, that all captions are matched with the images

they describe, and that cross-referencing (for a learner’s book and its respective teacher’s guide)

is accurate.



We prepare your copy for filming and printing by confirming that all texts and images are
accurately linked, ensuring that colour separations are done accurately and providing imposition dummies where necessary.



We link you up with and oversee printing services for the best quality of your book or other material.