One Planet Publishing & Media Services Limited is registered as a company in the Republic of Kenya. Our mission is to produce thoroughly researched books and reference material that adequately meet the needs of the end user.

Our core mandate is to write, edit, design and print books and non-book material, and to promote and sell them to our customers through legally established networks. We also link authors with research, editorial, design, photography, illustration, proofreading, pre-press and printing services to enable them publish their works.

A dedicated staff has been carefully recruited, adequately developed, and appropriately assigned to perform respective fulfilling tasks. In addition, a highly skilled pool of service level freelancers has been identified and retained and variously engaged to boost the product development process and enrich service delivery.

At One Planet we endeavor, and have the flexibility, to reach every unreached child and adult in order to afford them easy, painless and sustained access to educational, informational and entertainment material that will empower them to engage in confident interactions with their physical and social environments. One Planet, now "Here with You", "gives you somewhere to stand to move the world!"

Key objectives

Produce high quality books and non-book material for children and adults. Offer consultancy services to authors and researchers to enable them publish their works. Conduct research to continuously improve our products, streamline our processes and enhance service delivery.